Dining and Nutrition

Here at Haven we place a very high importance on food and nutrition and work closely with the dietitian to ensure all our residents nutritional needs are met

We have designated champions for MUST and nutrition and hydration

There is no rigid structure to the day and meals are served at the time and the venue of the residents choice We offer a choice of a full cooked breakfast, cereals or porridge daily plus toast and preserves. At lunchtime there is a choice of hot meal and a hot pudding and at tea time a selection of hot and cold food,sandwiches and dessert

All meals are available in modified texture to cater for all our residents individual needs and we place a great emphasis in keeping in touch with family and actively encourage you to join your relative in celebrating birthdays and special events or simply enjoying a cup of tea and a piece of cake

We pride ourselves of both the range and quality of the diets we provide. Our qualified catering staff carefully prepares service users meal, providing choices for each meal that takes into account their individual preferences and needs, including religious and cultural requirements. Care is taken to ensure that food and drink provided is nutritionally balanced and supports service user’s health and well being.

Nutrition and the Elderly

Nutrition in the elderly requries a balanced diet to keep fit and healthy. As people grow older the bones and muscles in their body change, resulting in a decrease of lean body tissue and bone density. Activity and energy levels change as a person gets older, and the need for eating large portions of food are not now required in the same way as earlier in life.

The correct nutrition in the elderly is now important at this stage of life , helping the body to keep fit and healthy, by eating foods high in vitamins and minerals, drinking water, and keeping as active as possible.

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